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Absolute Plumbing in San Antonio, Texas, is the source for commercial, residential, and industrial plumbing solutions. We specialize in leak detection and a wide variety of plumbing repairs both inside, outside, and around the property. Whether a pipe has burst, a water main is leaking, or your natural gas line is in disrepair, count on our crew to get the job done.

Our Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

Shower Remodeling | Faucet & Fixture Repairs & Installations | Natural Gas Line Installation & Repair in Bathrooms & Kitchens | Water Heater installation | Toilet, Pipe, & Tub Declogging | Custom Plumbing Design for New Homes | Leak Detection (Indoors & Beneath the Foundation) | Alkaline Water System Installation | Sewer Main Replacement | Pipe Replacement & Installation | Filtration System Installation

Experience the Difference of Filtered Water

In addition to repair and maintenance, Absolute Plumbing installs water filitration systems in residential properties. Filtering water eliminates minerals found in hard water, rendering it as soft water instead. This can reduce the mineral buildup on pipes and enhace the taste of your tap water.